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Fire and Ice Timescapes

Fire and Ice: Timescapes

Joan Myers has long been fascinated with landscapes crafted from fire and ice. Gathered here are her photographs of iconic sites from all over the world, including geothermal fields in Iceland, Volcano National Park on the island of Hawai'i, Lanzarote, in the Canary Islands, Tungurahua in Ecuador, Mt. Erebus in Antarctica, Krakatoa in Indonesia, and of course, Mt. Etna and Pompeii, among others. The work is breathtakingly beautiful, compelling, and provocative by turns. Her essay reads like an adventure story, exploring the connection between fire and ice while describing her thrilling treks to the ends of the Earth. "We like to imagine Earth as a ball," she writes, "a brightly-colored dime-store globe with countries and oceans drawn on its glossy surface. We forget that its surface slides, subducts and transforms, setting off earthquakes and volcanic eruptions … A stable earth, whatever we would like to think, is an illusion."

160 pages, 140 illustrations
ISBN: 9788862083928