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WATER PLANET : Beauty, Abundance, Abuse

September 5 through December 12,  2008 and will be located at the State Capitol building of New Mexico.
Monday - Friday 8am-6pm, For More Information Call: 505-424-1878
Curated by Bobbe Besold and the Santa Fe Council for the Arts

Diane Armitage, Bobbe Besold, Scott Campbell, James Coker, Natalie Fobes, John Guider, Susanna Carlisle, Bruce Hamilton, Victor Masayesva, Ana MacArthur, Dominique Mazeaud, Joan Myers, Shelly Niro, Basia Irland, Jennifer Schlesinger, Nancy Spencer, Rosamond Orford, Thaddeus Holownia, Matthew Chase-Daniel, Helen Mayer Harrison / Newton Harrison, David Taylor, Elizabeth Wiseman

Waters of the World: Community Equinox Water Ritual, Monday, September 22, Noon, State Capitol Rotunda
FLOW: For the Love of Water, Film featuring Maude Barlow,TBA, CCA Cinemateque with the Bioneers

70.8 % of the earths surface is water

Water Planet is a large-scale group exhibition of contemporary photography, video, holography and community events that illuminates our relationship with water: watersheds, weather, oceans, climate, politics (irrigation, dams, levees, pollution, corporate control of), animals and plants : the essential nature and magic of water.

..."The living ocean drives planetary chemistry, governs climate and weather, and otherwise provides the cornerstone of the life support system for all creatures on our planet, from deep sea starfish to desert sage brush. That's why the ocean matters. If the sea is sick, we'll feel it. If it dies, we die. Our future and the state of the oceans are one." Sylvia Earle from Sea Change

Water Planet educates, illuminates, presents ideas and initiates positive change.